Hello and Welcome!

Hello and welcome to All You Can Eat!

I’m David and I’m starting this blog because one of the few things which I enjoy near as much as eating is cooking. But it wasn’t always that way. When I first moved out on my own, mushroom melts and what I realize now was a sad excuse for a stir fry were just about the only things I knew how to cook. The rest of my diet was supplemented by frozen chicken fingers and lots of pizza. However, when I couldn’t even cook chicken breast for a nice dinner for my girlfriend, Kaleigh, I decided something had to change.

This was several years ago now, and since then together with Kaleigh I’ve been exploring the world of food and cooking. What started off as us working through a single cookbook has turned into somewhat of an obsession. We’ve acquired numerous cookbooks, subscriptions to magazines and to websites. We spend our weekdays planning what we’re going to take on during the weekend, and saturdays have recently turned into baking marathons.

Along the way we’ve tried ingredients and dishes that we never even knew existed, or ones that we insisted we hated. We’ve learned little tricks that have made the process of cooking much easier and more enjoyable, and techniques that have helped unravel what used to be the mystery of cooking.

I’m starting this blog for two main reasons. The first is selfish. I have a tendency of modifying a recipe or coming up with own on my own and neglecting to record the changes or processes in any way, leading to dishes that can’t be replicated or easily improved on. That and I tend scribble ideas for dishes on pieces of paper, only to never find them again.

The second reason is to share a bit of my passion for food and cooking. I’m far from an expert, and writing recipes and blogging are new to me, but my hope is somewhere within these posts you find some inspiration to help you along your own culinary journey.

On this blog you’ll find recipes from elsewhere that I’ve modified, or ones that I’ve worked out with Kaleigh’s help. I’ll try to have a weekly post on what we’ve cooked over the weekend, along with ideas for things we plan to cook in the near future. I’ll be sharing some of the cookbooks and websites that have helped and inspired me along the way. We eat out occasionally, and enjoy trying new restaurants and dishes, so you may see some posts about those. I also enjoy beverages nearly as much as I enjoy food, so tea, coffee, beer, scotch and maybe the occasional mixed drink will likely have mentions as well.

This is just the vision for the blog I have at the moment, but I’m sure as time goes on it will evolve and develop based on interests and cooking projects we take on, and of course feedback. So be sure to visit often and don’t be afraid to comment or ask questions, and enjoy All You Can Eat!


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